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Joseph O'Brien


Welcome to the official website of Joseph O'Brien
Here you will find the latest News and Music for Joseph's current Composing work & commissions for Film, Television, Games & the Concert Hall.

UK Recording Studio - End Point Studios, London


Lego Movie & McDonalds Commercial EU & UK

Man of the Hour wins Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival AMPAV

BBC Plastics in the Ocean Original Music

EMI PM Album Symphony Orchestra Recording & Album

march 2024

a New Approach to Scoring

Delivering Something New + Hybrid Music
At the turn of 2024, my music has been performed & broadcast in over 156 countries in various projects for Film, Television & Games. Internet streams for various composed tracks have totalled over 25 million hits and festival exposure for bespoke film scores have included Cannes, amongst many others. Live recordings (both instrumental & orchestral) have been made in many of London's premier studios for my different composition projects, including Air Lyndhurst, Angel & Abbey Road, as well as many overseas locations. Most importantly, I enjoy the process and have fun doing it.

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There's never been a more exciting time to be a Soundtrack Composer as Technology has changed everything and opened up possibilities everywhere. Some things do however remain constant. Ideas & Creativity in Music are only useful if you have the technology & knowledge at your fingertips to power it, the ability to work to a budget and the lack of ego in order to be part of a team. I've spent years honing my craft, after graduating, to be able to do this in a new way. My studio allows me to power my creativity to Compose & Produce Soundtracks in vastly different musical genres, either fully recording and completing everything in-the-box if a project is tight, or with full-scale symphony orchestra recording.
Click on the right-hand playlists to hear a flavour of some of my work in various musical genres.

Musical Background

Commissioned Composition work scoring music for Commercials followed and Joseph began to work for many of the London-based advertising agencies and music-houses and many of this work is still on television today. Notable credits during this period included The Cartoon Network, Sky, Adobe, Mars, Disney & National Lottery. This also led to international commissions from LA and New York agencies featuring originally composed music for campaigns by Snickers, San Pellegrino & Fox amongst many others.   
Television work followed on from the commercials and Joseph composed and arranged original music for shows by Sky TV, ITV, BBC, Foxtel and many others. He has also composed & produced dozens of Production music albums of a wide variety of genres, primarily for the Sony, EMI, KPM, Boosey & Hawkes, Imagem & Cavendish labels. For many of these albums, he has recorded with live orchestras in both London and Europe and as of the start of 2023, his music has featured in productions in over 156 countries and is distributed through label affiliates worldwide.
Recent credits include Composing & Arranging music for the F.A Premier League, BBC, Cobra, ITV, SKY & Sony.
Joseph writes from his studio in London & is a member of PRS (UK).
Joseph started studying the piano at the age of 3 under the Suzuki method and at the age of 8 was awarded a scholarship to study at the Purcell School of Music. For the next 10 years, he performed in many of the UK's premier concert venues as a soloist and chamber musician. After specialising in both Classical & Jazz studies at school, he was awarded a scholarship to study for a degree in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music in London, from where he graduated Summa Cum Laude & top of his Compositional year with a Licenciate award. He also specialised in conducting during his time at the Academy, utilising many of the finest musicians in England and conducted dozens of orchestras in different genres of music, from Baroque to Jazz.
Professionally, Joseph began to work while he was at University with his first job as Musical Director of the show Oliver for the Hampstead Players. This led to him being commissioned to compose the score for their following production of Richard III. Shortly after graduating, Joseph began to work as an Orchestrator for various Film, Album & Commercial productions. Clients during this period included Marvel, Lions Gate, Endemol & Universal Records. During this period, Joseph also worked for a time as a ghost-writer for a few mainstream films as well as working as a musical 'Synthestrator', primarily programming MIDI for various Film & TV productions. 

LATEST NEWs - march 2024

News Item 1​

McDonalds & Lego Movie Commercial - Orchestral Soundtrack featuring live instrumentalits for UK and EU Television-click on the clips tab to view the spot. 

News Item 2

Man of the Hour Soundtrack nominated for Best Short Score at the CFF19. Alongside six other nominations for the picture, the film has also recently been selected for a further 20 festivals throughout the World.

News Item 3

Top Of The Shop With Tom Kerridge - BBC programme featured live Orchestral strings and woodwinds. Music licensed by KPM EMI and is also available to stream online.

News Item 4

BBC Drowning in Plastic - Original music scored for the BBC production of Drowning in Plastic, airing early October on BBC 1. Presented by Liz Bonnin and recorded in End Point studios.

News Item 5

Man of the Hour wins Best Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival 2018, AMPAV. After another screening in London, the film will embark on a run in the festival circuit.

News Item 6​

Inside the Tube : Going Underground - Chamber String track from Striking Strings album, released by EMI/Ded Good Library. Music also available to stream on Spotify & other outlets.

News Item 7

Sony/KPM Spaghetti Western album released. Album recorded with a live symphony Orchestra in Budapest at the beginning of 2018. Album to be released through Worldwide affiliates later this month.

News Item 8


Cavendish Music, London release of Cinephonic Brass released this month online in the UK and internationally through affiliates. Album recorded with a live orchestra at Air Studios in London.

News Item 9

Man of the Hour film score completed. The score features new string writing techniques and snippets will be uploaded to the recent music page soon after the premier at the BFI, London in early March.

News Item 10

Sky Sports Football Promo -Original Tracks 'Firewall' & 'Fearless' are selected for usage throughout the Premier League football season. Published by SATV in London.

News Item 1​1

Nike - Nothing Beats a Londoner Commercial. Terrestrial, Cinema & Online release of commercial featuring a number of different tracks. March of Justice track used in the spot and can be viewed in the clips section.

News Item 1​2

EMI recording session for Wild West themed album recorded in Budapest with a live symphony orchestra. Album to be mixed and released later in the year in 


News Item 1​3

Music for Top Gear (BBC Worldwide) to be aired in the new series, released in Q2 2018. Orchestral and percussive-centered music. Click on the recent music to hear a clip from it.

News Item 1​4

Argos Commercials scored for UK & EU television to be aired Q4 2017. Complete electronic production of the Musical Score featuring heavily synthesised programming tracks.

News Item 1​5

Bespoke music for ITV's 'Gino's Italian Escape' featuring a live recording of a chamber orchestra with a distinctly Italian feel with a fun custom Mandolin part recorded separately.

News Item 1​6

Air Studios Recording, London - Bespoke music written for Cavendish Music recorded with an array of fantastic London Orchestral musicians, engineered by Jake Jackson and fixed by Isobel Griffiths. 

News Item 1​7

Sky Sports Documentary-Music Composed for an upcoming documentary series produced by Sky Sports to be broadcast in the UK in late 2017. More details to follow...

News Item 1​8

SATV & EMI​ joint production Album titled 'Striking Strings' - An album of original Compositions recorded with live string players and mixed in London. Album released online in the UK in December and distributed worldwide.


Recent Clients



End Point Studios, London / Based in Greenwich
Showreel Requests /
For any Composition & Soundtrack enquiries, please email the address below. Licensing enquiries for existing tracks are mainly handled by Sony EMI / Imagem, contact for more details
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